BSc Psychology, University of British Columbia, May 1981

MA Social Psychology, University of British Columbia, October 1987

PhD Forensic/Clinical Psychology, University of British Columbia, November 1993


College of Psychologists of British Columbia (#1225)
British Columbia Psychological Association


Psychologist, Private Practice
July 1994 – 2002; 2006-present
I conduct a general clinical practice in which I provide therapy for individuals and couples. I work with relationship issues, depression and anxiety in adults using a cognitive behavioural approach. I have particular expertise in the treatment of anger problems and in forensic issues, including the assessment and/or treatment of offenders and victims. I have also conducted assessments for immigration hearings, consulted with private law firms and have provided assessments and treatment for insurers regarding workplace disability.

Psychologist, WorkSafe BC
August 2002 – April 2006
I worked as a sessional contract psychologist providing consulting services to WorkSafe BC staff regarding the assessment and treatment of injured workers. In this position, I was part of a multi-disciplinary team and interacted regularly with mental health professionals, physicians, investigators and case managers involved with workplace injury cases. I arranged appropriate treatment resources for claimants in the community and collaborated with treating psychologists to clarify assessment issues and develop and implement effective treatment plans.

Psychologist, Criminal Injuries Compensation Program
July 1995 – December 2000
I worked as a sessional contract psychologist providing assessment and consulting services regarding treatment of victims of violence. The position involved conducting psycho-legal assessments, consulting with staff lawyers, making recommendations regarding the clinical needs of clients, managing cases being seen by practitioners in the community and arranging for psycho-legal assessments to be done in the community. In this position, I was part of a multi-disciplinary team and interacted regularly with mental health professionals, physicians,lawyers, investigators and other professionals involved with criminal injuries cases.

Group Leader, Burnaby Family Life Institute
February – July 1994 and September – December 1994
I was one of two psychologists who conducted two treatment groups for men convicted of wife assault. Each group lasted four months and was contracted through Burnaby Family Life Institute. I was responsible for assessing potential group members, conducting group sessions with a co-leader, liaising with probation officers and providing summary reports. I also interviewed the wives and girlfriends and provided information concerning counselling and support services.

Intern, Forensic Services
September 1991 – August 1992
This internship involved conducting court-ordered clinical assessments and treatment of both adult and Juvenile Services to the Courts, the Forensic Psychiatric Insititute, and Forensic Outpatient Services. I also provided individual and group therapy to offenders and victims.

Practicum Student, The Family Court Clinic at Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre.
September 1989 – January 1990
I completed a practicum at the Family Court Clinic at Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre. This involved assessing children and adults in cases of suspected child abuse. I progressed to the point of conducting interviews with both adolescents and adults, administering and scoring a variety of self-report tests and writing reports.

Group Co-Leader, Vancouver Assaultive Husbands Project
April 1990 – July 1990
I was a co-leader of a treatment group for men convicted of assaulting their wives. Using a cognitive therapy approach, the program included teaching men to accept responsibility for their violent behaviour and learning to control and express anger constructively.

Group Co-Leader, North Shore Family Services
January 1989 – April 1989
same as above

Research Assistant
May 1988 – August 1991
Oakalla Correctional Institution. I assessed and rated subjects on the Psychopathy Checklist. More recently, I assessed subjects on a variety of measures (such as DSM-III APD, conduct disorder) using videotapes of interviews and file information.

Clinical Interviewer and Liaison Worker, Vancouver Assualtive Husbands Project.
May 1985 – August 1985
This was an internhip with the Vancouver Assaultive Husbands Project in which I progressed from and observer to a more active role as a participant and co-leader. Supervisors Trimble and Dutton provided modeling and feedback concerning the application of clinical intervention to the treatment of batterers. This internship also included observation of and participation in intake assessments at Vancouver Family Court.


Vancouver Assaultive Husbands Project

September 1986 – July 1987
I conducted an examination of the power dynamics of battering relationships and the development of this form of power.

Research Assistant
September 1985 – July 1987
This research studied variables that distinguishes assaultive from non-assaultive men. In addition, collecting data from the wives or partners of these men through individual interviews.

Program Evaluation Research Assistant
September 1984 – August 1985
I assisted in an evaluation of the effectiveness of this program as measured by the client’s self-reports and criminal justice reports of recidivism. University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

Research Assistant
May 1988 – August 1991
An empirical investigation of the etiology and assessment of psychopathology, the relationship between psychopathy and affect, and the study of lie detection using evoked brain potentials.

Teaching Assistant
September 1993 – April 1991
I was responsible for composing parts of course exams, marking exams and papers, consulting with students and some lecturing.


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